Trametes versicolor

Trametes versicolor


Health Benefits of Mushrooms • Very little fat, no cholesterol • Valuable mineral content; high trace minerals • High in vitamins, especially B vitamins • Pleurotus provides a better supply of B vitamins than any common food, except meat • Great slimming food • Cholesterol regulation! Shiitake, Pleurotus • Very high in fiber—cellulose, lignan, chitin


Mushroom as Food, Green Benefits • Highly nutritious—oyster mushroom is 25% highquality protein; vitamins, minerals • Turkey Tails, Trametes versicolor, produces many enzymes used for detoxing toxic sites, biobleaching of paper


Mushrooms as medicine • Medicine— approved drugs in Japan, China for cancer treatment adjuvants (with chemo) • Health supplements to support immunity


Biological Activity of Fungi • All fungi and yeasts have triple helix polysaccharides (beta-glucans) in cell walls • Heat breaks down chitin, exposes active molecules • Binding of large molecular weight fungal compounds to gut receptors (60% of total) – complex immune activation – Dectin, other receptors


Some Possible Indicationsof some of the fungus  • Shiitake for immune weakness, infections • Shiitake, Turkey Tails for Cancer • Viral Syndromes: Hepatitis C, herpes, HIV • Cordyceps for fatigue, performance, “adaptogen,” antiaging supplement • Reishi for insomnia, anxiety, nervous system disorders related to stress • Reishi for respiratory problems


Trametes versicolor Turkey Tails • Ubiquitous polypore on nearly every continent • Delignifies many hardwoods, especially oaks; fruit trees • Prescription drugs in Japan for treatment of cancer with purified protein-polysaccharide complexes (PSP, PSK)



. The Turkey Tail Mushroom increase patients with cancer Natural Killer Cells and CD*+T

cell activity. cancer therapy in Asia. It increases “NK cells and ensuring antioxidant

effects against free radicals can both limit damage to healthy cells and reduce inflammation”. Important to use certified organic mushroom because of heavy metals.