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Historical Usage of TTM

Turkey Tail Mushroom has been used in Asia for the past thousands of years. It was and still used as a herbal supplement to boost the immune system. In addition , Turkey Tail mushroom has been a treatment for cancer patients for 30+ years in Japan.

In traditional Chinese Medicine, Mushroom species are often added to soups. Traditional foods and eaten regularly for immune support. They are also thought to have other healing qualities and they were added to prescriptions to treat “deficiency conditions” of Kidney, Heart, Lung, Spleen systems.




Some of the Mushroom species added to prescriptions include

  1. Hoelen, fuling (Wolfiporia cocos) that us thought to “tonify” the Spleen system (digestion), remove excess water, counteract fatigue, improve immune status.
  2. Zhuling (Grifola umbellatus), a diuretic herb, remove excess water (edema) such in congestive heart failure.
  3. Ling zhi (Ganoderma lucidum)  is thought of as a calming “spirit” for the disturbed “shen” i.e. respiratory ailments, panaceas.
  4. Dong Chong Xia Cao (Cordyceps sinensis) used to treat exhaustion, sexual debility, to build “essence”.
  5. Turkey Tail mushrooms  have long been used in China and Japan. In China, they are called Yun Zhi and in Japan, they go by Kawaratake. Some of the benefits of Turkey Tail include:
    1. Improvement of upper respiratory tract infections.
    2. Help with pulmonary diseases
    3. Elimination of urinary tract infections
    4. Relief for digestive tract irritations
    5. A remedy for general lack of energy and malaise

Turkey Tail is known to supercharge the immune system through its PSK and PSP Polysaccharides molecules and their role in acitvating the Natural Killer cells. Natural Killer cells are part of the cell mediated immune response where White Cells directly kills the infecting organisms through direct contact. Humeral or Antibody based immune response, on the other hand, is based on antibodies secreted by the Lymphocytes White Cells that causes indirect pathogen death. The antibodies attach to the foreign body and the immune complex activate a cascade of biochemical reactions that lead to the pathogen death.


The Japanese government approved the use of PSK in the 1980s for treating several types of cancers, and it is currently used along with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. PSK was shown to significantly extend survival at five years or beyond in cancers of the stomach, colon/rectum, esophagus, nasopharynx and lung (non-small cell types) in Japanese trials since 1970.


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Disclaimer : Turkey Tail Mushroom is a dietary supplement and, as the name implies, is a supplement to health products and traditional medicine. It is not meant to replace traditional treatment and medications prescribed by your doctor. OUR PRODUCT (DEFENSE BOOSTER)  IS PRODUCED AND DOSED TO SERVE AS AN IMMUNE BOOSTER AND NOT TO TREAT CANCER.